Friday, September 28, 2007

We are in Tanzania!

So what a trip so far!!! Lots of fun and "Learning Experinces" We are safe, happy and healthy so no need to worry anybody! Jet Lag to the extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fun story...

In the airport in Frankfort were playing with the haky sack and 3 young guys ask if they can hack with us. We find out that they were teenagers from Russia who went to Maryland to work at WaWa for the summer! How cool is that. Diane told them that she enjoyed their sandwiches and they laughed because that is what they did all summer!
SO we were hacking and i kick the hackysack threw a hole in rafters (smooth move). The three teens and i look longingly up into the air sad that the airpoprt gods had taken our toy. The young Russian teens decide to stand on each others shoulders to see into the rafters to see if they can get it back. We help balance one up on the others shoulders and they cannot find it. The tallest of the three teens suggested i stand on his shoulder because we would be the tallest combination of strapping young lads! So i get up on his shoulders and got our toy back!!!! Yeah team work!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tanzania and Ghana Location: Sankofa Mbofra Fie

Hello all,

our first leg of the trip will take us to Moshi Tanzania! Very exciting. It is on the outskirts of Mount Kilimanjara. Many people use this town to start their to the summit of Mount Kilimanjara. We will be waiting there until our friends meet us and we will then start our 5 day safari with Adventures Within Reach : .
Here is our schedule
SEP 30-OCT 4: 5 Day Safari (4nt Zara Prop) -- 4 people
SEP 30: Drive to Lake Manyara, afternoon game drive, overnight at
Highview Hotel (BLD)
OCT 1: Drive to Serengeti, afternoon game drive, overnight at
Serengeti Wild Camp (BLD)
OCT 2: Serengeti, full day game drive, overnight at Serengeti Wild
Camp (BLD)
OCT 3: Drive Serengeti to Ngorongoro via Olduvai Gorge, overnight at
Highview Hotel (BLD)
OCT 4: Ngorongoro Crater, morning game drive, afternoon return to
Moshi, overnight Springlands Hotel or similar (BL)

That is our safari and then we will travel to Ghana to volunteer at the orphanage of Sankofa Mbofra Fie
It is an orphanage of about 200 children in Cape Coast Ghana. Here is the address if you would like to mail us anything.
There is a pretty good chance that if you mail a package that it will not make it to us because of iffy postal service, but letters should be fine. And please feel free to e-mail or post on our blog!
So here is the address.
Sankofa Mbofra Fie
Attention: Mark and Diane Strazzer

PO Box AD540

Cape Coast

Ghana , West Africa

there number is +233243179681

and web site is :

once you are at the web site scroll down to the bottom and the link to Sankofa Mbofra Fie is on the bottom left.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Wedding!

Hello everyone!

We want to thank everyone who was able to come down to Black Mountain and attend our wedding weekend! It was everything that we dreamed about. Lots of fun, family, friends, and purple!!!! You guys truly did do a stupendous job wearing the color of royalty! Below are a few sets of pictures from the wedding. We will have more on here soon!

Pictures from Friday:

Pictures from Saturday:

Pictures from the whole weekend courteous of our rock star friend Dana Villalas who is one heck of a photographer!!!! Thanks Dana!

We are currently in DC at Di's mom's house and will be here for a few days before we head up to NJ to hang out with my family before we leave on Monday night 9/24/07 out of New York! (Note: Mark will not be able to spend much time in Delaware before he leaves but will observe a moment of silence, maybe the whole 5 minutes in fact it takes to drive through Delaware, to honor the First State!)

Have Fun For Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1