Friday, November 16, 2007

Some more photos for you. sorry about the dups.
so here it comes the rating list for Ghana: are you READY

my favorite animal moment: a baby sheep with full sized legs trying to run away. It hops and skips and is quite hilarious.
typical african woman dress:wear it all together. lepord print shirt, plaid wrap skirt, pokadot head wrap. we are not afraid of color here folks. stay tuned to see diane dressed as one.
most impressive carrying on head:a crate 5 ft by 5 feet filled with tomatos
cutest baby:goats have us beat people!
best food in ghana: pineapples, tomatoes, the dark pink papaya, we also eat a lot of nutella spread made in ghana, digestives, and laughing cow cheesse, boiled cassava and contumbre yum.
best way to get around-tro tro by far-looks like a vw log stuffed with people. they never try to cheat you on price and they are so affordable.
irony:yea, the food is all free range and organic here, but we have a picture of goats/chickens/sheep eating out of a dumpster
most frustrating:that 9 out of 10 people ask you directly or not for money


David said...

HEY y'all. I actually just read several of your posts and saw your pictures so I feel a little up to date. Had no idea you were working travelers/tourists. The pictures are great. I loved the fish "one bite" soup and the huge bats! Keep me posted. I'm definitely proud of y'all getting out in the world like you are and doing good... where to next and are you really delayed there in Africa?
Love and best wishes
david siller
1667 Stephens Dr.
Wayne pa 19087

Shallee said...

I just found your blog, and I think it's wonderful! I am the volunteer coordinator for a non profit, and we are taking two groups next summer to Sankofa! I previously volunteered in Ghana at another orphanage in the area, and I'm excited to return. I wonder if I could post a link to your blog on mine? (It's It looks like you're doing wonderful work there!

Jake said...

Keep up the good work. Mark thought you would be proud that your hunger banquet has continued. They did it last week right before thanksgiving. Other than that things are about the same around here.

You are missed here in the office!
Later on