Monday, December 10, 2007

Goodbye Ghana snippets

Sitting on a bus with a dead grasscutter on the lap of the passenger next to me*seeing someone carry a poached 4 ft python-headless!*african women carry small babies on their backs with just a piece of cloth*mismatched outfits of tiger stripes and paisleys*women carrying boxes of tomatoes on their heads that i can't even pick up with all my might*touring the accra brewery*getting into a fight with a taxi driver*having samuel bring us food butt naked with a sugar cane balanced on his head*jumping through windows instead of using doors*eating cat, grasscutter, fanice, contumbre, pineapple, the best peanut brittle ever made, chocholate spread* getting stung by termites*tying the tarp to a huge cross on top of a mountain*feeding monkeys*feeling monetarily used and abused over and over and over*beer with no alchol (malta)*watching palm wine being made (drinking palm wine!)*being told that we were god becuase we are white*being offered palm wine for a long backpacketed hike*feeding monkies* having children not know how to read or write their names*cheeks!*baby goats*batik class with emilia* the bamboo forest and my sanity and peace*trotro rides and fearing for mylife while trying to breath in calmness and safety to the driver*the slave castle*laying on a bed with a fan over me....heaven*sneaking into a fancy hotel pool*being covered in children*the amount of dirt that comes out of my shirt from one days wear*hearing william say, "Mark will fly me up to heaven with his hairy angel wings"*trading skin cream for a pineapple*going to the farm*gathering fruits and veggies*watching the locals dance*heading off to a football match*getting my finger stuck in a celing fan*giardia*green turtle resort paradise*kings in the corner, fan tan, rummy 500*far from the maddening crowd, prodigal summer, eat pray love, kite runner, goat, intuition, oliver twist, hidden treasures, the jungle...*

Thank you so much to michelle and kristen for putting up safari pictures. here are the new links. This was done all the way in Indiana for your viewing pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of you two stripping. The URL is "Diane and Mark Strip" right? How disappointing. Thanks for the Christmas (birthday) card. We hope you are well. Look's like you are doing good, and I mean that in the syntacically correct sense of you are out there doing some "good" in the world. I love you two. You're pretty special. Come home safely.

Craig and family