Saturday, December 22, 2007

India Organizations Di and Mark are Volunteering with

Diane will work with :
Sankalp - support service for drug addiction, tuberculosis and HIV

Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust
115 B Belle Vue,
Dr.Ambedkar Road,
Pali, Bandra, Mumbai 400050.
Tel: 2600 6182, 2490 1302.
Fax: C/o 2645 8870.

Mark will work with :

Telephone: +91 (22) 2300 9117

Administrative Office: Saathi
Agripada Municipal School, 1st Floor
Opp. YMCA Swimming Pool
Agripada, Mumbai Central (E)
Mumbai 400 011


attached are some pictures from Ghana: dude carrying a lot of stuff on his head, some pictures from the Accra Brewery, and Mark feeding a monkey!

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