Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thank You Sankofa Mbofra Fie Sponsors

Diane and I have finished our time at Sankofa and we wanted to thank the people who sponsored the school and orphanage. Your generosity made it possible for us to start many projects and do a lot of good at Sankofa.

We would like to thank the 5th grade of Carolina Day School, P. Daniels, S. Pyeat, and my mom's church group!!!! Also we want to give a shot out to all those wedding gifts that helped us get over here and to everyone who has ever supported us and loved us! Thanks, your love and kindness has been passed on to many small children in Eguafo, Ghana!

Here are a list of the projects, tasks, events we have used your donations on.

  1. We have mosquito proofed the orphanage
  2. We have purchased pens and purple pencils for ever child at the school (it was surpizingly to find 200 purple pencils)
  3. We have financially prepared the school/orphanage for it's NGO
  4. We have helped pay for the NGO
  5. We have created a web site and hopefully it will be posted soon!
  6. We have made 3 road signs and a welcome sign for the school and orphanage
  7. We have brought the wonderful game of tether ball to Eguafo
  8. We have purchased a clock so the students can get to school on time
  9. We have cooked and purchased food for the children
  10. We have purchased movies for weekend movie nights!
  11. We purchased the biggest pot i have ever seen in my life to cook food for the children!
  12. We have purchased materials for school uniforms
  13. We have set up a batik/tie dye workshop with a local woman, Ms. Emilia. Ms. Emilia will teach batik to 3-4 children 3 times a week after school for 3 months. The students will learn the trade and help make school uniforms for the children.
  14. We have purchased bedding for some of the beds
  15. We made gift baskets for the teachers at Sankofa
  16. We have made shelves for the kitchen
  17. We have donated some books and art supplied
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the help!!!! We could not have accomplished as much as we did with out your support and generosity. There is still a lot of need there! Please if you would still like to support we highly recommend donations of gifts as opposed to money. They still desperately need black and blue pens, pencils, chalk, erasers, notebooks, pre-k-5th grade text books, bedding, food. (toys and soccer jerseys if anyone is inclined would rock as well!)

Thanks again!!!


Letícia said...

Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passadinha lá no meu, que é sobre frases e poesias, espero que goste. O endereço dele é Um abraço.

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like a lot of great work. remember to think about the good you were able to do.....not how much more needs to be done. thats the only way to keep your self going. do small things with great love--mother teresa. and she is a saint! i,we are so proud of all you two are doing. what is the next part of your advrnture? love mom

Emma said...

Hi... I was reading your blog & it says you have been to Sankofa and travel all over helping others. I have tried so many things to fund raise... But no one in my area supports me. Do you have an ideas? David & I email a lot. Thanks. Emma

Emma said...

PS - Here is my blog